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Monday, July 26, 2010

Music Technology & ChordATune

The aim of the ChordATune system is to give a clear understanding of harmonization to novice pianists, and to create accompaniments that are musically correct. Since there can be more than one accompaniment for a given melody, ChordATune allows variations of accompaniments according to the emotional factor of the composer and the genre of music.

ChordATune has the functionality of creating new melodies using a manuscript notation or using a virtual piano, and also to browse melodies in MIDI format to be inserted into the system as input. The ability to set the emotional factor to any level of happiness or sadness lets the user generate different types of harmonies to the same melody based on different emotions ranging from happy to sad. Furthermore users can change the harmony by changing the genre, drum beat and its tempo. Once the harmony is generated it can be displayed in different genres and styles according to the manuscript notation. Furthermore, ChordATune possesses the capability to provide guitar chords in fret sheets for a given melody; this helps novice guitarists to learn chords and fingerings for new melodies. Once the accompaniments are generated they can be played as audio files. The generated accompaniments can be saved as MIDI files or manuscript notation.

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