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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Create Your Own Music Using ChordATune

ChordATune is a music making software where users can create their own creative music and mabe use them to create birthday cards, home made videos, play it using your guitar .. and many more. ChordATune also allows you to harmonize a known song and find their accompaniments.
In this section I will give you a step by step guide on how you can create music using ChordATune .

1. Creating a song.

There are several ways to create melodies in ChordATune.
  1. Using an existing midi file (if you have an already exsisting melody and don't know how to get the base chords) ..
  2. Using a manuscript Editor - ChordATune provides a well known tools to create manuscript notations (if you know your music theory)
  3. Using a virtual Piano.
I will explain how you can create your own melodies using the virtual piano provided by ChordATune

In the main frame of ChordATune, under creation mode select piano from the drop down list and click on create a song.

Then you will get a virtual piano as shown below ..

Here you can click on the key board and create your melody once you create the melody you can click on play to listen to your creation. If you don't like the sound of it you can click on edit and delete the unnecessary notes. If you don't like the entire melody you can click on clear and start over. To view your melody in a manuscript notation click on view. Once you are done click on save to save your creation. :)

2. Generating the harmony

Now that you have a melody you need to generate the harmony (base chords) to accompany you melody. In order to harmonize you need to follow the following steps
  1. Select the time signature (in simple terms its the beat of your melody)
  2. Input the midi file (the melody you just created) - you can listen to the melody once u input the melody
  3. Giving the emotional factor (harmony depends on user emotions therefore its important to specify what kind of song you want ie a happy song, sad song ect (if you don't like a particular harmony generated by ChordATune you can always change the emotional factor and get a complete different harmony.
  4. Generate Harmony

3 . Display Harmony

Once you generate the harmony there are several options to display the harmony.

  1. Selecting the genre - You can select the genre(style) of your choice while displaying the harmony. There are several styles allowed in ChordATune. (ie Rhumba, Swing, Disco, Rock, March)
  2. Selecting the drum beat - According to the genre users can select different drum beats)
  3. Changing the tempo - if you want to change your tempo of your song you can change the tempo using this functionality
  4. Display the harmony

Now you know how to create a simple song using ChordATune. It is advice to give different variations and experiment with your creation by choosing different emotional factors/ changing the genre/drum beat and tempo to get the best result of your choice. This way you can add your own creativity to your song.

ChordATune also allows you to generate the guitar tabs (fingering positions of guitar chords) for you melody for the guitar players :) by selecting the display style as guitar.

ChordATune also allows you to print your music as sheet music by clicking display printable version.

Now you can go to your piano/guiatar and play your music !!!

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