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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Enabling VFS transport marks certain services as 'faulty'. How to resolve this?

When enabling the VFS transport in the WSO2 admin console there are a number of axis2 services which are marked as being faulty. None of these services (the default Echo service is one of these) have the VFS transport configured explicity in their transports list.
The message shown in the admin console for each of these faulty services is 'Unable to configure the service echo for the VFS transport: Service doesn't have configuration information for transport vfs. This service is being marked as faulty and will not be available over the VFS transport.'

Why it happens? and How to Resolve it?
This is because when you enable VFS transport that transport gets enabled to other services as well (including axis2 services) But they don't have necessarry properties needed for VFS to be properly enabled. So when you enable VFS ESB default axis2 services like echo/version services will get faulty. There are two ways to resolve this issue. Since WSO2 ESB is not meant to deploy Application service and it should be used as routing/hub purposes you can undeploy those services. However, if you still want to keep those axis2 services you can go to services.xml and add http and https transports as shown below.

<service name="echo">
   <schema elementFormDefaultQualified="false"/>
       This service echos the input provided to it.
   <parameter name="ServiceClass" locked="true"></parameter>

Once you added them you need to redeploy the services.


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