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Friday, August 24, 2012

How to send mails using WSO2 ESB (sending your payload data to e-mail)

Suppose you have a web service which returns some data and you want to send that data into a mail... WSO2 ESB provides an easy mechanism to do this by creating a proxy service.

First get your endpoint (web service endpoint which returns data ).

Step 1 - Enable mail transport in axis2.xml.

Go to your axis2.xml (under WSO2ESB_HOME/repository/conf/axis2/), and uncomment mailto transportSender as shown below.

 <transportSender name="mailto" class="org.apache.axis2.transport.mail.MailTransportSender">
        <parameter name=""></parameter>
        <parameter name="mail.smtp.port">587</parameter>
        <parameter name="mail.smtp.starttls.enable">true</parameter>
        <parameter name="mail.smtp.auth">true</parameter>
        <parameter name="mail.smtp.user">synapse.demo.0</parameter>
        <parameter name="mail.smtp.password">mailpassword</parameter>
        <parameter name="mail.smtp.from"></parameter>

Step 2 Creating the proxy Service.

Go WSO2 ESB, start up the server. Under Main menu -> Axis2 Services -> Add -> Proxy Service. Click on Custom Proxy Service. Give an appropriate Proxy Service Name. (Give the WSDL URL as your requirement)

Step 3 - Define Endpoint

In the define endpoint section click on define inline, click on create -> Address Endpoint and give the address end point of your service which you get data from. I am going to invoke the Data Service which i created in my previous blog. And my Address endpoint will be

Step 4 - Creating the Out Sequence. Go to Out sequence -> Define Inline

In the In Out sequance We need to add a
A Log Mediator - Which logs the incoming message
Three Property Mediators
    1. Subject - Which will be the subject of our mail
    2. MessageType - Message Type of our mail
    3. ContentType - Content Type of our mail
    4. Send mediator - Send the mail to our email address

To add the log mediator, Click on add child -> Core -> Log.  And in the log mediator give the Log level as full.

To add the three properties,  Click on add child -> Core -> Property. And add three properties one by one.
property name="Subject" value="CEP Event" scope="transport" type="STRING"
property name="MessageType" value="text/html" scope="axis2" type="STRING"
property name="ContentType" value="text/html" scope="axis2"  type="STRING"

To add the send mediator Click on add child -> Core -> Send. And Select Endpoint Type -> Define inline -> Address Endpoint ->

Once you add the three properties and the log mediator your out sequance editor should look like below.

Click save and close and finish creating your proxy Service.

<proxy xmlns="" name="MyMailProzy" transports="https,http" statistics="disable" trace="disable" startOnLoad="true">
      <inSequence />
         <log level="full" />
         <property name="Subject" value="CEP Event" scope="transport" />
         <property name="MessageType" value="text/html" scope="axis2" type="STRING" />
         <property name="ContentType" value="text/html" scope="axis2" />
         <property name="OUT_ONLY" value="true" scope="default" type="STRING" />
               <address uri="" />
         <address uri="http://localhost:9765/services/PersonsDataService" />
   <publishWSDL uri="http://localhost:9765/services/PersonsDataService?wsdl" />

You can invoke your proxy service by going to try it in the service list, and you should get a mail according to your payload. My next blog post will show how we can receive emails to WSO2 ESB using a standard email client.

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  1. Hi Sparkle,
    It's good article, help me much.

    But, when I does with the step, I have not get the payload in e-mail.