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Monday, April 30, 2012

Installing WSO2 Developer studio

In this tutorial I am going to explain how to install WSO2 Development studio (earlier known as WSO2 Carbon Studio) in details.

To give a brief overview of WSO2 development studio...

Development studio is an eclipse plugin (a development tool) which provide an extensive tool kit to develop/deploy and test applications which can be deployed in WSO2 Carbon servers. It provides rich set of editors such as synapse editors to deploy proxy services and sequances, axis2 editors to create and deploy axis2 service, data services editor to create data services ect. To create carbon applications (also known as CAPPS), there is a new project type called carbon application project. This provide a packaging mechanism for carbon based deployment artifacts such as ESB proxy services, data services and many more.
Dev studio has the capabilities to expose CApps to any type of carbon server as CAR files. Car is a deployment model for this capp which testing debuging, if you look at a car file each car file contains a name version and a role to make the car file unique and also to identify the type of the car file.

With that small introduction, lets look how we can install development studio into your eclipse IDE.

First you need to download WSO2 Developer Studio binary distribution.  Please note that if you download WSO2 Developer Studio With Dependencies version, you can go ahead with the Offline Installation.

Start Eclipse and Go to Help -> Install New Software .

Click on Add button to add and give an appropriate name and the location of your dev studio binary distribution. And click ok.

If you want, you may uncheck/untick Contact all update sites during install to find required software to stop Eclipse from installing updates of existing eclispe features

Note: Sometimes you may have to leave the check box ticked/checked in case the Eclipse distribution you are using is missing some of the WTP features required for the Developer Studio Features If you download WSO2 Developer Studio Without Dependencies version, you need to leave the checkbox ticked. If you download the WSO2 Developer Studio With Dependencies version, you can go ahead and un-tick "Contact all update sites during install to find required software" option. Select WSO2 Developer Studio Feature from the list or select all the features Then click on the button Next
Then click on Next on the wizard page which allows you to review the the items to be installed.

Click Next and then accept the license agreement and click Finish .

  Accept the security warning while installation.

That is it ... Once you have installed the dev studio you need to restart the IDE to apply the changes. Then you will see an Overview of WSO2 Dev studio which has useful links and help pages. If you click on the dashboard you will get quick start links to samples and create new carbon applications.

In my next blog post I will explain how to create a proxy service using WSO2 Development studio.

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