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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Introducing Leamo - To LEarn And MOre

Today I thought of introducing a cool cutting edge technology, which can help young minds to learn educate and have fun. Leamo, is an interactive learning platform which uses an iphone and bunch of flash cards and brings a magical environment to home/pre schools for kids under all ages.

Why not traditional learning ?

Most traditional education tools/applications uses the sit and learn approach, where educators have to talk and interact with kids while kids sit and listen. Most kids get soo bored with this traditional learning approach, and sometimes they get tired of the whole education system. Kids are more energetic than adults they need to run around poke things to nurish their curious minds. They cant just listen to you all the time and agree on what you say rather they like to experiment with new things and then learn how things work.

Why Leamo ? 

Kids like to play with toys, flash cards, play-dough and also interact with things without just listening and watching. They like to touch and feel things rather than look and listen. In the modern days kids are more attracted to digital screens, such as iphone, ipads, tablets and smartphones. Even though these ipad/ipones apps are very attractive for kids, there are major draw backs when it comes to kids education. I agree there are good educational applications provided by these gadgematics, however, it will not make your child develop the basic skills such as  creativity,  motor skills and hand-eye coordination ect. Most of these skills are develop when they interact with physical objects. So the solution is to mix the digital world with the physical world and give a hybrid educational platform for kids. So they wont get bored, or get distracted while learning and give a fulfilled learning experience.

This is the base of leamo, leamo provides a novel way of educating your child, using flashcards and digital surface. Where there are several education apps focusing mathematics, science and language skills along with history,arts music which will give them a balanced and rich education and develop both sides of their brain.

How Leamo Works?

Leamo runs on ipad, iphones and ipod (at the moment however, it will improve for android devices as well), all you need to do is connect your apple device to an LCD screen or a projector, and run the application. Leamo will come with bunch of flash cards and physical toys so the kids can interact with the digital world through the physical objects, by placing them in the correct place at the correct time. Leamo will guide you with all the kid's activities, parental supervision is not needed, kids can learn independently at their own space. Leamo will provide bunch of educational applications such as number games, language, fun with arts and music and story telling which will take the kids to a magical world where learning becomes addictive and fun. This is the best educational tool for energetic kids where they can run around, talk with it and make imagination come to reality.

Educating young minds ....

From my experience as a technology for education enthusiastic and a technology provider for kids, there are major advantages using Leamo.One of them is making them eager and addicted to learning new things through technology. And it improves their creative thinking skills, psycho-motor skills and reactive skills compared to other learning tools. Last but not least you don't need much parental guidance with leamo, you can easily set it up and make them learn independently.

 For more information on Leamo, please visit get-leamo and be amazed!!!!. Leamo is a proud product of Kreyonic,   An Interactive Digital Media Solutions provider specialize in providing interactive experiences, mobile solutions, that augment your perception of reality to create a new dimension in multimedia experience, taking digital media to the next level. 

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