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Thursday, May 20, 2010

ChordATune - A Solution for Song writing and piano music harmonization

I decided to use this blog for technical purposes (not too geeky but interesting work in the computer field) I am starting with my favorite!! one of my own creations "ChordATune"..
ChordATune is an emotion based melody/tune harmonizer focusing on piano music. One of the biggest problem in song writing or piano playing is the problem of harmonization. Most people know how to write beautiful songs o play creative tunes but they find its hard to accompany their tune with the adequate chords. This problem is addressed by ChordATune which gives you the chance to accompany your melody with chords according to your emotions, styles drum beats and tempo.

ChordATune features

  • Create your own melodies using a virtual piano/ a manuscript editor.
  • Generate harmony according to emotions interactively (If you don't like the harmony u can always change the emotional factor o the genre and get a complete different set of chords).
  • Add Drum beats to your melody
  • Arrange harmony according to the genre (user preferred style ie Disco, Rhumba, Swing, March, Rock).
  • Change the tempo.
  • Display guitar tabular format (guitar chords ) for a tune.
  • Generate manuscript notation to your harmony/melody
  • Save MIDI files/Manuscript files in PDF format
  • Play Stop Print functionality
Check out ChordATune in action

In case if you are interested in the technical background ...

ChordATune uses machine learning technology to generate the most suitable chords for a given melody... it can be called as an interactive AI system where the AI properties are created dynamically at run time according to the user input. This uses Hidden Markov Model which is a statistical mathematical model to generate the chord progression. Further, ChordATune is based of Music Technology, MIDI processing, Dynamic Programming, Multi Processing and Automatic Music Composition. Around 300 lead sheets are used to train ChordATune using heuristic and data driven approaches.

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