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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why Harmonization ? - Importance of harmonizing a melody

One of the biggest problem in song writing or piano playing (o creating your own music) is the problem of harmonization. In this blog I discuss why harmonization is crucial (getting the right chords to the right notes) and how we can overcome this problem using and interactive tool called ChordATune.

Power of harmonization
Play Melody
Play Harmonized Melody

Music is made out of melody and harmony. Melody is the basic tune of a song (which we can easily hum o we can just guess the notes using a keyboard). Harmony on the other hand is the accompaniments to a melody (base chords, drumbeats ect) which makes your song complete. Harmonization is a crucial part in song writing o piano playing because only by harmonization you can make your melody rich and power and also add emotions and color to your song. However, many people face the problem of harmonizing because you need extensive knowledge in music, years of training and practice and also some musicality in you to harmonize a song accurately.

This is where the ChordATune comes in handy... ChordATune is a powerful harmonization tool. Not only just harmonization, you can also create your own melodies the way you want (using a virtual piano or manuscript editor) and make it complete by harmonization. ChordATune let user have variety of harmonies according users emotions and styles and also provide drum beats to make your song have a rocking beat!!.ChordATune output the harmonize melody in manuscript and midi formats. ChordATune also provides a feature of guitar players where they can get guitar chords in guitar tabular format for an any given tune.

Now you can create your own music the way you want and also ChordATune provides a mechanism to save your creations in MIDI format so that you can use ur music for many other activities in your digital life.

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