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Monday, April 28, 2008

How To Create Control Flow Items

There are many control flow items in SSIS unlike in DTS.I am going to demonstrate few manly used control flow items such as Execute SQL task, Execute Package Task, Data Flow Task . I would like to explain other items in my next article.

Execute SQL Task – This is used to execute SQL statements like insertions and truncations.

To create SQL task drag and drop the SQL Task from the control flow item tab and double click the package.

Specify the task name and the description in properties window. Double click the SQL task and give the connection type it can be OLEDB/Excel, Then select the connection manager- which has the DB/Tables you are using to run the SQL statements.

Under SQL statement write the SQL statement and parse the query to test for the SQL syntax.

This is how it looks like in when you double click the SQL execution task,things which are marked in red are the things you should be careful when creating an execute SQL task

Execute Package Task-This is used to call other packages , drag and drop the execute package tasks and under general field give the proper name and description,

Under package give the connection and the relevant package u want (packages must be created previously).

When creating the package make sure to adjust the fail package on failure property true in properties tab so if the calling package fail it will fail the parent package as well.

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