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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How to create a simple SSIS package

I would like to give the instructions from the very first step so anyone who reads the blog can understand how to do it. So to start SSIS you need to have SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio installed. First open Business Intelligence studio and to create the first project . Create a new project (new ->Project ) under Business Intelligence Project Select Integration Services Project give an appropriate name and click ok.

Creating A Connection Manager

What I recommend for the first step in creating SSIS package should be creating a connection manager. In the Connection Manager panel right click and click new OLEDB Connection (It can be any other depending on your need for example if you are planning to handle your operation using flat files you should select flat file connection. If its on log file it should be flat file connection). So here we are talking about DB connection. Click new and give the appropriate Connection and the DB name

Before Finishing you should always test the connection , in order to avoid failure when running the package

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