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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kick start on WSO2 Stratoslive

Since we are going to see lots and lots of WSO2 Stratos related demonstrations and tutorials and powerful capabilities of cloud computing and stratos, its very important to know how to get started in WSO2 Stratos .

Getting started easy!!! all you need to do is create a StratosLive account (which is TOTALY FREE) and you can start using wso2 stratos live services right away.

Lets see how we can create a stratoslive account.
First go to the stratoslive homepage.

To create a new account click on “Get Started Now for Free! ” . It will redirect to a page where you need to give your Domain Information, Usage plan Information, and Contact Details.

To created a domain (a user account/ tenant) you need to give a unique tenant domuain. You can test
the uniqueness of your domain by clicking “check availability” button.
Once you give your domain name you need to select the usage plan for your domain ... there are four types of usage plans you can click on pricing details to get ll be allocated for you. For exploring StratosLive features and understanding the power of cloud computing you can select the demo version (Which is the free version).
After that you need to give your contact details for the registration purposes. Give your personal information along with your tenant-admin user name password and the verification code.
Once everything is filled properly submit the document and you will be redirected to a success page.

To activate your tenant/domain you will get a email with infomation on how you can activate your account. Once you activate you can login to your account simply by giving the username@tenantdomain and the tenant admin password you gave while registering your tenant.

When you login it will redirect to Stratos Manager home page which has all the links to StratosLive services.

To get more information regarding these services click on help it will give a brief description about each service.

To try out services by clicking on each service and have fun with cloud computing!!

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